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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. Managers are highly incompetent, who lack even the most basic understanding of all and any concepts. 2. Nobody, literally nobody wants to work. And if you raise concerns or have an OPINION, well kiss your job goodbye, as the CEO is as ignorant as the people he hires for leadership roles, especially in Marketing. 3. Marketing team functions in a weird way, where people seem to prosper not on the basis of quality of work, but nepotism. They promote like minded incompetent people, who behave like sheeps and say yes sir, ok ma'am, no questions asked. Pickup their laundry if they need, drop kids to soccer practice while you are at it and be prepared to talk nonsense about EVERYONE else. If you don't, well you will hear from the HR soon. 4. There are no processes and since the top notch leadership team isn't in India, there's concerntration of power in the hands of some extremely mindless, directionless and people with poor leadership skills. 5. They will never clarify the objective, set the right direction and make sure your work never goes live or sees the light of the net. But you can't blame them, there's little a person can do with the brain size of a peanut, that too if it's occupied back nagging, plotting, criticizing, everything and everyone, except ones holy self. 6. If you can just look pretty, bat your eyes and can read the newspaper, you can get hired as the MD of the company. Also, IQ should be less than average. Yep, I have covered all points."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"Extra work No salary No fix hours Illegal product"

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"1. Micro management 2. No scope for growth 3. Highly incompetitive. 4. Loads of workload with no appreciation. 5. No HR activities. 6. Ancient tech stack 7. No ownership amongst the higher positions"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"None additional benefits other than salary, Stay long hours to finish the assigned work, Old technologies, Work culture at its worst level, No tax benefits( sometimes even forget tax declarations), After you resign don't expect any help from management."


"dont ever think of joining a place like this. its better you sit at home instead, the CEO has more mood swings than a pregnant woman so join at your own risk."


"Management does not communicate. All employees are viewed are temporary instruements or tools, not as human beings. Speaks to the mindset behind the businees model--that of commoditizing human beings."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lots. Don't join. Micro management at its peak."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No cons as such. Please refer Advice to Management."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Growth is low. No advanced technology. Micro management Stressful"

QA Manager says

"No growth opportunities. stagnant for last many years"

AA (Former Employee) says

"Management oversight was not available which led to individuals acting as managers. CEO is out of the office most of the time and there is no office admin to deal with issues in office. Workload is inadequately provided since there's no oversight. No team environment and hard work does not pay off in the end. No training on product was provided.Free healthcareNo managers, no office admin, hostile co-workers, no clear understanding of job duties"

Product Description Writer (Current Employee) says

"The pay is low. There are some weeks where I spend a lot more time on projects, but get paid less. I do not get much work that comes in and I do not get much help."

Web Copywriter/Proofreader - Freelance (Former Employee) says

"I feel the pay is lower than merits for professional writing, but work is abundant! The bidding process and rules are a little cumbersome to work through, but find most clients are willing to communicate through the sites messaging platform, which is helpful."

Independent Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Website designed for people/companies to post their projects, both large and small, and have individuals/companies post a proposal with a bid to win the job."

Freelance web developer (Current Employee) says

"Was good before but not anymore too much undercutting . I dont have more words to describe, just an American website where freelancers can post jobs and get jobs"